FORTE and Power Automation Systems will come together to join Swisslog Warehouse and Distribution Solutions (WDS) under a single brand name.

11/28/2016: FORTE and Power Automation Systems (PAS), will join Swisslog WDS Americas under a single brand name and corporate structure. View Full Article >

David A. Schwebel Joins FORTE as Senior Director of Business Development and Management

07/12/2016: FORTE, a Swisslog company, a leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm, is pleased to announce the addition of David A. Schwebel to lead its business development team.View Full Article >

Swisslog Warehouse and Distribution Solutions Announces the Creation of a New Regional Software and Controls Hub for the Americas and Appoints Michael Howes as Vice President

06/07/2016: Michael Howes has been named vice president, software and controls, of Swisslog Warehouse and Distribution Solutions (WDS) Americas and will lead the newly formed Software and Controls Hub from Newport News, VA. The new Hub strengthens Swisslog offerings by integrating FORTE’s software while also constructing a powerful common platform for its customers.View Full Article >

Peter Wendler, Josh Keyser and Zachary Rose Join FORTE Team

05/09/2016: FORTE, a Swisslog company, is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to its expanding team. Peter Wendler joins FORTE as the director of software development; Josh Keyser joins as a software engineer; and Zachary Rose is a professional services specialistView Full Article >

FORTE Announces Partnership with Thrive Market

03/21/2016: FORTE, a Swisslog company, proudly announces that it has been retained to design and implement a new automated distribution facility in Batesville, IN that will enable Thrive Market to deliver non-perishables to U.S. customers within two days. View Full Article >

FORTE Opens Field Office in Charlotte

03/18/2016: FORTE, a Swisslog company, is pleased to announce the opening of a new field office in Charlotte, N.C., to support FORTE’s rapidly growing business. Prominent industry experts Jim Smith and Sean McCarthy have been hired to lead the field office, set to be fully operational in April.View Full Article >

FORTE to Co-exhibit with Swisslog at MODEX 2016

02/02/2016: Mason, OH – (February 2, 2016) – FORTE, a Swisslog company, plans to make its MODEX debut in Atlanta, April 4-7. The leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm is slated to highlight its consulting-driven business model and the latest advancements to the FORTE Smart Warehouse Suite™ through interactive demos in booth #4687. View Full Article >

Kevin Roberts and Patrick Murray Join FORTE Team

12/15/2015: Mason, OH – (December 15, 2015) – FORTE, a Swisslog company, is pleased to announce the addition of two new consultants to its expanding team. Kevin Roberts and Patrick Murray both join FORTE as senior consultants.View Full Article >

Jim McNerney Joins FORTE as Principal Sales Executive

09/28/2015: Mason, OH – (September 28, 2015) – FORTE, a Swisslog company, is pleased to announce the addition of Jim McNerney as a principal sales executive to its leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software sales team.View Full Article >

Thomas Crihfield Joins FORTE as Analyst/Consultant

08/18/2015: FORTE, a leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm, has added Thomas Crihfield to its consulting team as an analyst/consultant. In his new role, Crihfield is responsible for executing and delivering supply chain consulting engagements for FORTE's diverse and rapidly expanding client base.View Full Article >

FORTE Named 2015 “Great Supply Chain Partner” by Supply Chain Brain

07/27/2015: Company Nominated by Customers a Third Time for Impressive Solutions and ServicesView Full Article >

Steve Hooper and Fred Fox Join FORTE Team

06/29/2015: FORTE, a leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm, is pleased to announce two new additions to its team. Steve Hooper joins the team as a senior automation engineer, while Fred Fox has joined FORTE as a project manager.View Full Article >

Troy Wesselman Joins FORTE as Senior Electrical Engineer

06/02/2015: FORTE, a leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Troy Wesselman to its team as a senior electrical engineer. View Full Article >

Replenishment: The next big target

06/01/2015: As the pull of consumer demand replaces the push of the traditional supply chain, the replenishment function is being pulled in more than one direction. Following successes in pick optimization, the industry is turning its attention to reaping the benefits of refined replenishment.View Full Article >

Medline Industries embraces goods-to-person picking

06/01/2015: At the healthcare distributor’s Libertyville, Ill., distribution center, mobile robots are handling totes, filling orders and enabling growth. Up on the mezzanine level of Medline Industries’ 600,000-square-foot distribution center in Libertyville, Ill., 47 mobile robots are in constant motion. The red bots travel back and forth across a grid, moving 27,570 plastic storage totes in and out of 37,750 storage locations.View Full Article >

Building a Smarter Warehouse

05/01/2015: Cloud computing, omnichannel management, and big data are the questions. Can your warehouse supply the answers? Warehouse perceptions have changed considerably over the past two decades. It wasn't long ago that users perceived the four walls as just that—a fixed, immovable force that served as the nexus for any distribution network.View Full Article >

Behind the Swisslog-Forte acquisition

04/21/2015: The deal brings together a large global solution provider known for heavy automation with a smaller Midwestern integrator with software expertise. What do you get when you bring together one of the world’s largest providers of materials handling automation on a global basis (Number 9 on Modern’s annual list of the Top 20 System Suppliers with $712 million in revenue) with a smaller systems integrator best-known for mid-level automation here in the states and its warehouse execution software?View Full Article >

Swisslog acquires warehouse automation provider FORTE Industries in the United States

04/20/2015: Buchs/Aarau, 20 April 2015 – Swisslog is happy to announce the completed acquisition of FORTE Industries, a trusted warehouse automation system integrator located in Mason, Ohio, USA. This acquisition will support Swisslog’s strategy in the North American market with a complementary product and service portfolio.Download Full Article >

H. Howard Turner Jr. Joins FORTE As Senior Facility Design and Software Consultant

04/07/2015: FORTE, a leading warehouse automation and warehouse execution software (WES) firm, added H. Howard Turner Jr. to its consulting team as a senior facility design and software consultant. In his new role, Turner is charged with leading distribution center planning and design engagements and supply chain execution system (SCES) selection, implementation and integration projects for FORTE’s growing client base.Download Full Article >

Curt T. Spycher Joins FORTE as Director of Automation Engineering

03/17/2015: Mason, OH – (February 17, 2015) – FORTE, the design/build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added Curt T. Spycher to its dynamic management team as director of automation engineering. Working with engineering on the proper implementation of automated material handling systems, Spycher is charged with ensuring FORTE clients receive quality design, installation, commissioning and support.Download Full Article >

Inventory counting on the go

02/25/2015: Want to make cycle counting faster and more efficient? Mobile technology could be the answer. Inventory accuracy has always been critical to the smooth operation of a distribution center. Without reliable and up-to-date information, DCs face significant hurdles in their quest to fill orders swiftly and accurately, or achieve much success with their demand planning.View Full Article >

Growing FORTE Client Portfolio Attracts New Talent

09/22/2014: FORTE, the design/build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added four new members to its dynamic technology team. New hires are Mitch Hayes (technical project manager), Rob Holtz (senior material handling systems engineer), Joel Hughes-Thomas (senior material handling systems engineer) and Kevin Stidham (professional services specialist).Download Full Article >


07/07/2014: Mason, OH – (July 7, 2014) – FORTE, a leading distribution consulting, systems integration and software technology firm, has been named a SupplyChainBrain Great Supply Chain Partner for 2014. FORTE clients nominated the company for this prestigious recognition. SupplyChainBrain asked its readers to nominate vendors and service providers whose solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance. FORTE was also named a Great Supply Chain Partner in 2013.Download Full Article >

FORTE Continues Hiring to Support Growing Client Portfolio

05/29/2014: FORTE, the design/build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added three new members to its dynamic technology team. New hires are Greg Kreis (senior consultant), Joshua Sprang (senior software engineer) and Adam Parshall (professional services specialist). Download Full Article >

FORTE Hires Additional Staff to Support Growing Client Portfolio

05/05/2014: FORTE, the design/build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added two new members to its team of distribution center experts. New hires are Mark Manzi, selected for the role of director of implementation services, and Chris Ramhap, material handling systems engineer. Download Full Article >


01/28/2014: FORTE, a leading distribution center design/build and software technology firm, today announced the promotion of Michael Howes to Vice President, software engineering and services. Download Full Article >


12/17/2013: FORTE, the design-build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added three members to its team of distribution center experts. New hires include two professional services specialists and a senior software engineer.Download Full Article >

FORTE Brings in New Consultants, Marketing Support to Sustain Dynamic Growth

11/05/2013: FORTE, the design-build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, added three new supply chain consultants and a marketing specialist to its team of distribution center experts. Jeff Cunningham and Will Nowak have accepted positions as senior consultants, Randie Bumgardner will start as a consultant/analyst, and Brittany Encinas will step into the role of marketing and sales support coordinator.Download Full Article >

Modern Materials Handling: Vera Bradley's Multi-Channel Success

09/23/2013: For years, retailers and their suppliers outsourced distribution activities to third-party logistics providers. The argument was that their core competency was in designing, sourcing, merchandising and selling, and not in picking, packing and shipping. In today’s retail market, where sales can originate from multiple channels, that model is being turned on its head. Brick-and-mortar retailers are selling online, Web retailers are opening retail stores and wholesale distributors are competing in both channels. The best retailers recognize that distribution has to be a core competency. They are bringing distribution back in house, often serving multiple channels under one roof. View Full Article >

DC Velocity interviews Bob Babel on Sortation for Multi-SKU Receiving

09/17/2013: From the DC Velocity article, "Sortation systems: Not just for shipping anymore." For most people, sortation systems are strongly associated with sorting outbound orders for shipping. But they can also be a smart choice for other purposes, according to Bob Babel, vice president and executive consultant for engineering consulting firm and systems integrator FORTE.View Full Article >

FORTE releases next generation WCS 2.0, the Smart Warehouse Suite™

06/19/2013: FORTE has released the next generation of warehouse control system (WCS) software, the Smart Warehouse Suite™. This WCS 2.0 solution maximizes automation functionality while delivering real-time operational intelligence. Designed for the complex requirements of today’s highly automated, multi-channel fulfillment operations, the Smart Warehouse Suite provides supply chain managers with performance metrics and analytics delivered in a new, easy-to-use graphical user interface with remote monitoring capabilities.Download Full Article >

Industrial Distribution Features FORTE Blog - Selecting Enterprise Software

06/18/2013: Your CEO has decided (or has been persuaded) that enterprise software is "mission critical" for the organization to achieve its "vision" over the next five to ten years. Or it has been determined the decade(s) old software, which has become a burdensome, Frankenstein patchwork, needs to be replaced. Making this decision is the easy part, although deep down in your soul you know there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth with the expenditure of millions of dollars to purchase, install and debug the software over several years of disruption during implementation. But to some extent, this inevitable aggravation can be mitigated if the tactics of the process deployed in software selection are closely aligned with the overarching corporate strategy driving the decision to implement.View Full Article >

Industrial Distribution Features FORTE Blog: The True Cost Of Delaying Investments In Distribution Operations

05/31/2013: I have to admit I had a terrible tendency to procrastinate in my junior high years. In fact, I turned the advice of Ben Franklin's Poor Richard on its head by never doing today what I could put off till tomorrow. And though I survived and even moved on to high school and beyond, I paid a price for regularly delaying what I knew needed to be done promptly. Late nights, lower performance (measured in grades), pleading discussions with teachers and my parents - all could have been avoided but were painfully routine due to my dilly-dallying.View Full Article >

FORTE’s Business Evolves as Company Continues to Innovate

04/25/2013: Refined Website Highlights Company’s Three Pillars of ExpertiseDownload Full Article >

Modern Materials Handling Spends 60 Seconds with Bob Babel

04/11/2013: Modern Materials Handling spends 60 seconds talking to Bob Babel at FORTE about the changing face of retail. View Full Article >

FORTE’s Jeff Ross and Eric Clark Receive “Pros to Know” Award From Supply & Demand Chain Executive

02/15/2013: FORTE, the pioneering design-build firm in the distribution sector of the supply chain, today announced that Jeff Ross, vice president, consulting services and Eric Clark, chief information officer, have received the 2013 “Pros to Know” award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) magazine. For the thirteenth year, SDCE magazine has recognized exceptional supply chain executives at manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises who lead initiatives to help prepare their companies’ supply chains for times ahead.Download Full Article >

Industrial Distribution Features FORTE Blog: From The Kitchen To The Distribution Center - Part 1

01/15/2013: Arriving early for a party at a friend's house, you offer to help the harried host - by offering to unload the dishwasher and straighten up the kitchen. They demur; you insist. Springing to the task, you immediately realize you don't know where everything goes, and your friend must continuously advise you where to store the mixing bowls, glassware, heavy cast iron skillet, oddball gadgets and so on. Over time, your friend has slotted every item in the kitchen to optimize their productivity and maximize limited storage capacity. They have attained labored space efficiency (at least temporarily), which is precisely the goal in managing your DC operation.View Full Article >

Industrial Distribution Features FORTE Blog: From The Kitchen To The Distribution Center - Part 2

01/15/2013: Optimal warehouse space utilization, reduced labor costs and increased throughput are all achievable through effective slotting.View Full Article >

FORTE Client, Beiersdorf, Receives Innovation Award

12/07/2012: Innovation Award winners address uncertainty by opening their minds to new ideas and opening their doors to partners who help turn those ideas into solutions.View Full Article >

Industrial Distribution Features FORTE Blog: Best Practices in Supply Chain Management

12/07/2012: You are ready for another busy day. Critical orders need to be picked, packed and shipped. Customer service and your well-earned reputation are once again on the line. Your teams of associates are humming like a well-oiled machine. You'll meet your deadlines! All of a sudden, you notice that totes and cartons are recirculating or being rejected on the shipping sorter. Then you notice nothing is moving in the pick modules . . .View Full Article >

FORTE Receives Green Supply Chain Award

11/19/2012: FORTE, the pioneering design-build firm in the distribution sector of the supply chain, received a 2012 Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine for its strategic consulting work with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., the global market leader in diagnostics and information technology solutions for animal health and water and milk quality.Download Full Article >

Larry Boroff Joins FORTE as Director, Automation Systems Engineering

08/14/2012: As FORTE’s senior systems engineering executive, Boroff is responsible for leading FORTE’s automation systems implementation projects, as well as overseeing the effective technical support of FORTE’s consulting practice.Download Full Article >

FORTE Interviewed by DC Velocity on Retrofitting Your DC

07/31/2012: DC Velocity’s editor, Peter Bradley, recently interviewed FORTE’s Bob Babel, VP of Systems Engineering, for an article entitled, “Six steps to a successful retrofit.” As Bradley noted, a retrofit can be daunting, with the potential to interrupt business operations. The article includes tips from experts for keeping this type of complex project on track. View Full Article >

FORTE Named to the 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

05/07/2012: FORTE, the pioneering design-build firm in the distribution sector of the supply chain, was recently named to the 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 for helping a national fashion retailer increase productivity and efficiency, improve accuracy and better utilize space by automating the manual processes in its distribution center to accommodate extremely rapid growth.Download Full Article >

FORTE Hires Eric E. Clark as Chief Information Officer

04/05/2012: FORTE hired Eric E. Clark as chief information officer (CIO). In this role, Clark is responsible for the overall technology strategy, implementation leadership and sales support of FORTE’s Smart Warehouse Suite of supply chain execution warehouse control system (WCS) software.Download Full Article >

FORTE Launches New Website and Brand Identity

01/11/2012: FORTE, the design-build pioneer of the supply chain distribution sector, announces the launch of a new website,, that introduces the company's new brand identity. The new website prominently features FORTE's clients' successes through videos and case studies and highlights its comprehensive suite of supply chain optimization software. With clients that range from Fortune® 500 to mid-market and entrepreneurial enterprises, FORTE helps the world's fastest-growing companies gain a competitive advantage by optimizing their supply chains with technology, process improvements, systems integration and facility automation.chains with technology, process improvements, systems integration and facility automation. View Full Article >

FORTE provides commentary on “Conveyor Industry Sales Channels” and “Choosing Between OEMs and SIs”

08/23/2011: Supply Chain Digest's Material Handling Editor, Cliff Holste, recently posted several informative articles in his Logistics News column. FORTE CEO, Gene Forte, was among a handful of supply chain industry leaders who provided valuable perspective on the evolving landscape of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, integrators and supply chain consultants. Forte provides insight on the Consultant/Systems Integrator model that he pioneered, noting that FORTE “saw the need for an agnostic approach that combined the best attributes of the design/build business model with the consultant model. The Consultant/SI practice that resulted from FORTE's early vision and innovation is today regarded as the best approach by many of the fastest-growing, most successful companies in the world.” View Full Article >

FORTE's Jeff Ross Interviewed by on Cross-Channel Retailing

07/30/2011: RetailSolutionsOnline’s Matt Pillar recently interviewed FORTE’s Jeff Ross, VP of Consulting, for an article entitled, Cross-Channel Fulfillment On The Front Lines. The article poses the question, “As retailers grapple with cross-channel fulfillment models, will a clear best practice arise from the fray?” Ross provides detailed and insightful responses, commenting “The order picking process for e-commerce drives excessively high cost per line or unit compared to store fulfillment orders. This is a new and growing challenge for many retailers and one that often requires the allocation of investment dollars to deploy new processes and technology.” Download Full Article >

FORTE's Bob Babel featured in Supply Chain Digest Expert Insight: Sorting it Out

07/27/2011: Supply Chain Digest's Material Handling Editor, Cliff Holste, recently interviewed FORTE's Bob Babel, VP of Systems Engineering, for an article on Pick & Pass Automation Metrics. FORTE has implemented automated pick & pass operations in the apparel, medical, home goods and hardware industries. In the article, Babel details FORTE's work with Kurt Jacobs, Director of Distribution at Holloway Sportswear, to take them from a garment-on-hangar (GOH) storage and picking operation, which was admittedly slow and cumbersome, to a more efficient flat goods automated zone Pick & Pass operation that incorporated eight zones with walk-back aisle configuration. View Full Article >

Distribution Network (Re)Design...When?...Now!

03/01/2011: WERCSheet — "Identifying and deploying network improvements can bring competitive advantage in service, costs..." Jeff Ross, VP of Consulting for FORTE, along with other supply chain industry professionals, offer tips and advice on when you should be looking at your Distribution Network (and why). Download Full Article >

Vera Bradley and FORTE Make Packing the Perfect Bag Faster

02/23/2011: FORTE and Vera Bradley complete a warehouse optimization project that increases delivery service levels by 67% during peak period through process improvements, additional material handling equipment (MHE) and an upgrade to Automation Director®, FORTE's Warehouse Control System (WCS) software. Download Full Article >

FORTE's Jeff Ross, A 2011 Provider Pro to Know

02/01/2011: Jeff Ross, VP of Consulting for FORTE was selected as a Provider Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. Congratulations to Jeff and all the 2011 honorees! Read more about the award and see the full list of honorees. View Full Article >

Systems Integration, A New Understanding

01/21/2011: You may think you have integrated systems, but if you still have automation islands, you still need a bridge...Read more about Systems Integration and how it's helping Crate & Barrel on Material Handling & Logistics News. View Full Article >

FORTE and rue21, Bringing Street Cred to Retail Distribution Optimization

12/14/2010: FORTE, a leading distribution consulting and systems integration firm, and rue21, inc. (rue21), a major specialty retailer offering the newest fashions for girls and guys, recently partnered on an upgrade to rue21’s 189,600 square foot distribution center and office facility located in Weirton, West Virginia. The upgrade, which doubled the facility’s store packing capacity, included the implementation of a new, highly automated, material handling pack-to-light system, work platform structure, warehouse control system (WCS) and other warehouse management system upgrades. The project team was led by FORTE, serving as consultant, project manager, technology provider and systems integrator, with much of the project occurring during peak season. The upgrade went live just after rue21’s Initial Public Offering. Download Full Article >

FORTE Celebrates 30 Years of Supply Chain and Distribution Expertise!

11/23/2010: FORTE celebrates 30 years this month! Beginning as a one-man material handling equipment (MHE) distributor, the company has evolved to become a leader in supply chain and distribution optimization, building its success with highly skilled professionals and widely recognized and respected clients such as Crate & Barrel, rue21, Smith & Nephew, KitchenAid, Vera Bradley, Dean & Deluca, Procter & Gamble, Newell Rubbermaid, Delta Faucet, totes>>ISOTONER and many others. Download Full Article >

Jeff Ross Joins FORTE as VP of Consulting

10/26/2010: FORTE, a leading supply chain consulting and systems integration firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Ross as Vice President of Consulting. With over 30 years of operations management and supply chain consulting, Jeff will be responsible for all aspects of FORTE's Consulting Practice. His experience spans strategy, facility and process design, material handling systems implementation, inventory and network analysis and improvements, project and human resources management and supply chain software solution selection and deployment.Download Full Article >